Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment


Industrial Equipment

Complex systems, such as pipeline component interference, separation systems, heat exchangers, and pump, are often used in industrial applications. Each of the equipment is very important because of its indispensable usage in the stability operation of a process.

Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) is an essential tool in the analysis of various complex systems in any industry. This can be used to predict the performance of complex systems. CFD models are easily revised and can offer many detailed insights into the flow physics. Hence, it can be used to replace expensive, time-consuming tests and measurements (such as tests or be used for a system where no measurements are possible).

Our expertise in INDustrial equipment


Quick and low-cost method for design iterations.

Quick and low-cost method to determine cause of performance issues.

Analysis possibilities where measurements are not possible.


Chemical reactors with homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions.

Heat exchangers.

Pipeline systems.

Separation systems.

Pumps, fans and compressors.


Multi-phase: Separation systems.

Heat transfer: Heat exchangers / burners.

Interference of pipeline components: filters, valves, pump inlet / outlet etc.

Pumps, fans, and compressors.

Our projects

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Gas Distributor in Packed Column
Three-phase Separator
Cyclone Separator in Propylene Plant


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