HVAC & Building

HVAC & Building

HVAC & Building

The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) and building industry focuses on creating comfortable and energy-efficient indoor environments. HVAC systems provide heating, cooling, and ventilation in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Building design and construction play a crucial role in occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

CFDWAYS offers specialized numerical simulation-based engineering solutions for the HVAC and building sector. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, we analyze and optimize airflow distribution, thermal comfort, energy consumption, and indoor air quality. Our services include HVAC system design and optimization, thermal performance analysis, natural ventilation assessment, and indoor pollutant dispersion modeling. By leveraging our expertise, building owners, architects, and HVAC professionals can design energy-efficient buildings, optimize HVAC system performance, ensure occupant comfort, and meet sustainability goals. CFDWAYS drives innovation and sustainable practices in the HVAC and building industry.

Our expertise in HVAC & Building


 CFDWAYS provides several benefits to HVAC and building systems through simulation-based solutions. These include improved thermal comfort, enhanced indoor air quality, optimized energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, optimized equipment sizing, informed design decisions, and sustainable building performance.

Quick and cost-saving method to design reactors.

Analysis possibilities where measurements are not possible.

Quick and low-cost method to determine cause of performance issues.

An efficient method to optimize reactors and processes.


Simulation enables CFDWAYS to design and optimize HVAC and building systems. This involves analyzing airflow patterns, thermal distribution, and indoor environmental conditions. Design considerations include optimizing insulation, selecting efficient HVAC equipment, designing natural ventilation strategies, and integrating renewable energy sources for energy-efficient and sustainable building designs.

Gas phase: Packed bed reactors.

Gas-Liquid: Absorption columns, CSTR tanks, bubble columns.

Gas-Solid: Fluidized-bed

Gas-liquid-solid: Bubble columns.


Simulation plays a critical role in HVAC and building design by modeling complex airflow, heat transfer, and indoor environmental conditions. CFDWAYS utilizes simulations to evaluate thermal comfort, predict energy consumption, analyze air quality, optimize ventilation strategies, assess fire and smoke propagation, and guide design decisions for optimal building performance.

Gas phase: SMR reactor, LTF carbonization.

Gas-Liquid: CSTR, Amine absorber, Bubble Column.

Gas-Solid: Bubbling fluidized-bed.

Reactions: Hydrocracking, methantion, CO2 asborption, etc.


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Evaluation of return air performance in factory


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