Biomass Gasifier

Fluidized bed gasifier for biomass

CLIENT : Undisclosed

EXPERTISE : CFD simulation

AREA Chemical Engineering

TOOLs : SolidWorks, ICEM-CFD, and ANSYS Fluent


Fluidized bed gasifier for biomass

Biomass Gasifier

CLIENT : Undisclosed

EXPERTISE : Model development, CFD simulation

AREA : Chemical Engineering

TOOLs : MATLAB, SolidWorks, ICEM-CFD, and ANSYS Fluent



Dual fluidized-bed (DFB) has been considered as one of the most suitable technologies for biomass gasification to produce middle heating value gas free of serious dilution by N2 of combustion air and for an excellent ability to scale-up. It was well demonstrated that the dual fluidized-bed gasifier (DFBG) is a good combination of a bubbling or turbulent fluidized-bed gasifier and a riser combustor both to facilitate gasification reactions and to suppress tar formation. There are many parameters affecting the gasification system such as feedstock, geometry, circulating bed materials, operating temperature, hydrodynamics and heat transfer. The importance of the gas distributor design (critical pressure drop ratio, hole size, geometry and spacing) was addressed in the light of uniform gas distribution, bubble formation, pressure drop, dead zones, and particle attrition. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a quick and cost-saving method, which can replace experimental to design the gas distributor in DFB. This project is carried out with the following objectives:

To develop a three dimensional (3D) CFD two phase model for a biomass gasifier.

To validate the CFD results with experimental data in terms of pressure drop.

To investigate hydrodynamics of the fluidized-bed with a uniform gas distributor (Ideal case) and a nozzle-type gas distributor (Real case).


CFD model provides a numerical experiment before the equipment fabrication for saving cost.

Bubbling fluidized-bed hydrodynamics analysis for gas distributors.

Pressure drops prediction for fluidized bed.


Some pictures from the project!

Geometry & mesh
Stack volume distribution
Ideal vs Real distributor


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